Wednesday, February 10, 2010

new decade, new activities

two ten twenty ten [02102010]. new decade, new activities.

i managed to get five last copies of the final aemae release, "and tongueless i can conjure you at will" directly from the label:

this tape was released as a c20 on black horizons here in san francisco's mission district. it features early live interpretations and recordings of two pieces: "and tongueless i can conjure you at will" which was recorded live in october 2008 at the recombinant media labs compound in san francisco. the second piece "the roughest jewel in your glittering crown" can be found on the b-side; an early live draft of what would be performed in 2009 in a different capacity. it was pressed as an edition of 111 copies on silver metallic black with design by james livingston. i'm selling each of the last five copies for $7 US and $10 worldwide. paypal can be sent to

i've been intending to publish a full-report from the last fall west-coast tour with acre; that will be posted here when i can get the old photos off of my computer that died in december. these will be posted sooner rather than later.

upcoming in 2010:
new full-length album on isounderscore; in the works since 2007
tape on monorail trespassing
tape on gifts nobody wants
the human quena orchestra "a natural history of failure" full-length